Angelic Energy Healing with Lightbringer 

Angelic Energy Healing with Lightbringer 



15 Jun 2020

Ansley SC

I definitely woke up today feeling 100 times better. Thank you so much!!!
17 Jun 2019

Jennifer from Florida says.

Thank you so much!

I don’t know how to explain it other than it feels like my soul has been bathed in spring water! I woke up with a message in my heart that we are always receiving blessings, we just have to be open to it. I feel like whatever resistance I had  to blessings is gone and I feel very receptive to love & light, calm and serene. It is truly an amazing feeling!

I didn’t see any angels but I felt like they were talking to me and I do remember lots of light pouring on me. It was a surreal experience and I feel AMAZING!!!

I will definitely refer you to others and will seek your services in the future.

You have are truly gifted, I can’t say thank you enough.

23 Jan 2019

Tony has helped my family so much!  My sister in law, was suffering from heart failure and other complications, she could hardly walk or talk. She was also feeling dark energy around her. She had lost the will to live. By the grace of God, Tony helped and within hours my sister in law began to recover! She is now able to walk and talk. She is feeling better than she has in along time!! I am truly grateful ! Tony has helped so much I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with Tony! Thank You so much!!! Blessings!!     

 Amy from Oregon

27 Jun 2018

Dear Tony,    Thank you for the healing.   It was wonderful.    I have been experiencing a wonderful sense of peace and calm for the last two hours.   My goal is to be able to continue my spiritual mission and to be at peace.  This healing has already helped me.   Many blessings.   Donna

7 May 2018

Tony, I wanted to thank you again for helping our aunt!  We just got the news that her condition IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY!  Thank you so much!  I recommend to anyone who needs Angelica help to ask Tony!   Olive G.

Side note.  Olive tells me her aunt lives on the other side of the world and only gave me her first name.

28 Aug 2017

I had a work project that I had to work on all night, and I got no sleep. So I felt exhausted and depleted and depressed today. But now there's a lightness and an optimism. A little congestion in my head which is a common clearing symptom for me.  Thank you  Tony!  Olga, New Jersey

28 Aug 2017

Thank you so much Anthony, you have helped me a lot and for the first time in ages I can see a future for myself,  I think I have found my place with this job and it is just a relief to be able to work and enjoy it without crippling anxiety!  Rachel,  England

20 May 2016

Hi I'm Ana E. I'm from Alabama.

My experience with Tony has been amazing. I used to have night terrors I'd tell Tony about them and on that specific evening they would be gone. Anytime I've needed clearing or clarity I've reached out to Tony and I've not regretted it once. Highly recommend his healing.

16 May 2016

Really helpful and lovely person, that helped me with Angelic energies to pass a stressful period in my life! I am really happy to be friends with you. Thanks to you again, my friend! <3

Valery S.  Riga, Latvia

Tony A. Paulson